The Gilbert Library

Upcoming Events

“Tea at Three”
Come and join your neighbors for a cup of tea at the library on the first Wednesday of each month at 3 pm. We’ll have tea, cookies and conversation. Come alone or bring a friend!Next dates are April 6th, May 4th and June 1st.

Earth Day Workshop
Come and start your gardens, Wednesday, April 27th. This year it’s a come-when-you-can schedule. Open to children of all ages anytime between 4-6:30 pm. We’ll have everything you’ll need to plant some seeds and learn how things grow in the garden! To register, email the library at or call 860-283-8176.

Library Hours
The library will be closed Good Friday, April 15th.

Newest Books

The Younger Wife
Sally Hepworth

The Love of my Life
Rosie Walch

Grandma Gatewood’s Walk
Ben Montgomery

Mild and Partly Funny
Neil Dobos


38 Main St, Northfield, CT

Mon. Wed. Fri. | 2-7 PM