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Gilbert Library Reopening Phase 2 Beginning June 22nd

We are excited to enter into the next phase of reopening the library and continuing to work towards being completely open to the public as the CT Library Association recommends. Thank you for your patience and your patronage for our curbside pickup during our first phase of reopening.

Beginning Monday, June 22nd the library will open its doors to the public with certain restrictions in accordance with the CT Library association and CDC guidelines. The library will be open Mondays and Wednesdays from 2-7pm and Fridays from 2-5pm. We will require patrons to wear face coverings and limit their time in the library to 15 minutes. The public bathroom will not be available at this time. All craft materials, children’s toys and Historical Society resources will be put away for this phase of reopening. The computer will not be available for public use but the library Wi-Fi will be accessible to patrons in and outside the library. Programs and social gathering will be in the last phase of our reopening.

Hand sanitizer will be available to patrons and social distancing will be encouraged. A table for returned items will be available in the library and the Book Drop will be open. Materials will be sanitized and/or quarantined for 3 days before handling and checking them in.

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